"Government is not wheel.  It is simply the grease allowing the wheel to turn."

I am Rhett Harrison and seeking re-election for Stephenville City Council, Place 5. I have resided in the immediate area for over forty-five years including twenty years in the extra territorial jurisdiction. I have lived at the same location for twenty-eight and my home was annexed into the city nine years ago.  I have a deep appreciation for our community and will continue to foster the bi-lateral partnerships between the city, businesses, Tarleton State University, Ranger College, Erath County and the community at large.

I was fortunate to marry my soul mate  who sees me at my best, sees me at my worst and supports my endeavors regardless. We were blessed with our son who has grown to vibrant ten year old
.   It is though his eye's I have fully come to appreciate our great community.  We work together, play together, pray together and enjoy experiencing life as a family. I became accustomed to this lifestyle growing up in a caring family who instilled strong values and parents willing to make sacrifices for my betterment.

If given the opportunity, I believe I will continue greater depth and value to the current council’s mission. I believe our city government should operate on the basis of a service oriented business model. It is my twenty-eight year experience as a self-employed business owner, combined with my business degrees, which has conditioned me as a fiscal conservative. Cost controls, elimination of waste and greater levels of efficiency are imperative to any entity. Subsequently, these practices will keep taxes lower without diminishing municipal services

Two  main campaign topics are Eastside Sewer and Multi-event center.  I believe Phase I of the Eastside Sewer is justified of a "yes" vote, because it corrects certain existing deficiencies.  Phases II and III are for expansion and future development reasons.  At this time, I am not convinced of the practicality of these two phases.  However, they are worthy of additional consideration.  The proposed multi-event center could reach initial costs of $50,000,000.  Though a nice amenity, I cannot support a non-essential, city funded, item of this magnitude without a ballot vote.

Our community’s foremost issue is still expanding the local economy by business attraction and retention, creating quality job growth. In fact, my vision of Stephenville is not of some urban utopia. Rather, it is Stephenville uplifting our cultures and traditions, only with more jobs and subsequent amenities resulting from increased economic opportunity.   Economic Development is not about trading vehicles often or adding to our homes.  It is for our children.  So they do not have to leave this town they love in order to establish a career elsewhere. Thus, keeping the family unit more intact and making for a more well rounded community in general.  I adhere to a pro-business approach and relate particularly to the small entrepreneur.

Other interests include tax reduction,  structured growth,  term limits, reduction of council size, and proper long range planning for future land use. Infrastructure and basic services are of dire importance along with protecting the integrity of family friendly neighborhoods, and keeping government small. Never will I stand before you and say,  "I know what is best for you." Above all, I am “pro-citizen”

In closing, I am a conservative and have the voting record to prove it.  I will not suppress my conservatism. Rather, I will embrace it to the betterment  of our community.  Furthermore, conservative principles are essential in a time when practicality and common sense government are being challenged in the name of "Change."

I have studied Stephenville politics and government for several years.   As a current Council Member and community advocate, I have surveyed hundreds of citizens regarding their concerns and possess a keen understanding of those interests.  My understanding will continue to equate to substantial citizen representation.

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Stephenville is a great community and our local government affects many aspects of our daily lives.  However, it is not local government that makes Stephenville great.  Greatness is achieved due to the extraordinary substance of its citizens. Moreover, the citizens are continually deserving of a government indicative of their needs....I hope to play an active part in unlocking Stephenville's potential with sound, experienced decisions. 


For City Council, Place 5

Rhett Harrison

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