My opponent is Walt Wood. 

The race for City Council, Place 5 between myself and my opponent is the clearest decision of all the city races, because of our opposing mindsets.  My opponent derives from government (Recently retired City of Stephenville Director) and I derive from private business ownership.  Our differences are best illustrated in a recent article by The Flash, ‘Ballot Full for May 6....’, where Walt Wood advocates tax rate increases, appreciation for debt,  lack of possibility to run government like a business, and contends he wants to be a voice for the 155 city employees he considers "family".

I feel conservatism is essential in a time where practicality and common sense are being challenged in the name of change.  I represent the citizens, for which government exists, and favor no one select group over another.  I have voted in a manner to lower your taxes, eliminate waste, restrain debt, and operate government more business-like regarding cost savings.  I do believe government can change for the betterment of its citizenry.  Never will I stand before this community and say,  "I know what is best for you".     I appreciate your support...Keep the Faith.

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Rhett Harrison

For City Council, Place 5