About My Voting Record

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Before every voting measure, I ask these questions:

1) How does the measure rank within my campaign promises?

2) Does the measure violate or embrace my conservative values?

3) Does the measure primarily benefit the citizens of Stephenville or City Government?

4) Is the measure a priority?

My voting record includes:

Voting in a manner to reduce your taxes every year 

Voting against non-priority spending and wasteful practices

Voting to increase government efficiency

Voting to restrain unnecessary debt

Voting to establish city streets as a priority

Voting to create jobs and economic opportunities

Voting against unwarranted 3rd party consultants, unnecessary studies and premature issues

Voting for Tarleton to be financially vested to the citizens of Stephenville

Voting to lessen bureaucratic tendencies, restrictive over- regulation and  always pro-citizen

I have always voted in favor of streets, police, and fire improvements If elected, I will continue to vote in the same.



Rhett Harrison

For City Council, Place 5